Educations in Hair Event: A Day on Bourbon Street

Imagine you're in the middle of planning your biggest event ever and after all of the details go out to more than 300 attendees there's a last minute venue change. And on top of that logistical nightmare, you’re already teaching on stage in front of hundreds of people while showing difficult hair demonstrations with a giant spotlight shining down on you. Not to mention your calendar leading up to this event is booked full with your regular hair clients, your other continuing education courses you’re teaching, your two kids and all of their summer activities, your four energetic rescue dogs with their needs, and — you know — you’re also attempting to have a life while you run and promote many other businesses in your industry. Yeah, talk about stress. Say it with us now: Girl Boss Mode.

Normally dark venues with zero options for natural light would have given us hives. But when Amanda's longtime hair stylist and friend Katie asked us to capture moments of her largest attended Educations in Hair show to date in the New Orleans Ballroom in Pheasant Run Resort we jumped at the chance (but knowing there would at least be that giant spotlight sure helped). There were times we had to get extra creative, like when we had to climb behind stage to sneak a few shots of the crowd through open curtains, but it was such a fun morning that flew by.

Katie has been in the hair industry for more than 15 years and is a true inspiration and leader in her field. Her passion for teaching and helping others was evident the moment people started to line up to check in. She greeted everyone with a warm smile and didn't let the stress of the day get to her at all. Not many people could hold it all together while trying to keep each attendee entertained. It's no wonder her shows sell out the way they do. This is just the beginning. We can't wait to see what she does next.