Chicago West Town Outdoor 1 Year Family Session

Where did this past year go? No, really. It literally feels like we were shooting Cal’s newborn photos last week yet here we are a full year later watching this dude take steps and eat veggie straws like a boss. It was so fun catching up with this wolfpack and seeing how much has changed in what seems like a blink of an eye.

We were only a few months pregnant this time last year and it makes us a little weepy that our little dude is almost 7 months old already. We got a preview of what life will be like for us in a few short months and can’t believe how mobile and interactive Cal is already. This kind of stuff makes us pause and have gratitude that we can document our kiddo as much as we do. And thankful that our clients treasure these moments and trust us to document them, too.

Chicago Newborn Session

Amanda met Kayla and Andy when they were all working together at the Chicago Blackhawks 10 (!!) years ago. Since they parted ways, Kayla and Andy fell in love, got married, had a baby and they both still work for the team. It’s crazy how much has happened in the past 10 years, but it honestly felt like no time had passed when we finally reconnected. It was so great to catch up with these two and meet their newest addition to the family, Cal — who happens to be the most CHILL baby we’ve ever met. Literally let us do whatever we wanted (including a few outfit changes) and never made a peep. If we get half as lucky with our little dude we will be happy. These were just a few of the many images we loved from this session. We look forward to watching Cal continue to grow and to see these two thrive in this next chapter of their lives. Congrats guys, Cal sure is an incredible little dude. Thanks for letting us be a part of this exciting time of your lives!

What a Difference a Year Makes

We've said it so many times before, but it's crazy how fast kids grow up. We see it firsthand with our repeat clients and are always amazed when it seems like so much has changed in the blink of an eye.

We shot Cam's newborn photos when he was just a few months old last year and reconnected just in time for his first birthday. The difference between the last 10 months is pretty incredible. Considering he is now walking (fast!), talking and loved to swing his bat at anything in close proximity. 

While it's easy to keep pushing off documenting your kiddos' lives (we know, who has the time to coordinate when you're trying to keep another human alive?), it's so important to make it a priority because time sure is fleeting. We've heard from so many clients that they wished they had done this sooner because they blinked and their baby was completely different. 

We can't wait to see Cam continue to grow and how big he gets in another year. 

North Avenue Beach Chicago Family Session

If you've ever been to North Avenue Beach in Chicago during the summer, you know it's always insane. So many people, very little personal space, and zero quiet. At 7AM, however, it's actually surprisingly peaceful and the light is pretty darn perfect.

We weren't sure how we all would function that early, especially little almost-2-year-old Henry, but you'd never know from looking at these photos that he decided to sleep in that morning and had to be woken up to leave for the shoot (and if you have kids or have been around them you know this is usually NOT how you want to start their day off). Not only was Henry super well behaved (and so darn cute) but their dog Max was the star of the day. He never barked once or tried to run off, and often was ready in position without us even having to ask. 

Also, can we please talk about how Henry is already trying to be just like his active parents and was running on the path with his mom at the end of the session? He will be winning his first 5K in no time! 

Tory's Summer Session

One of the coolest (and craziest!) experiences of our adult lives has been seeing our childhood friends have kids of their own. So when Amanda's childhood friend asked us to take a few family shots, we couldn't wait to get them in front of our cameras. Victoria is the perfect combo of both of her parents. When she makes a silly face — it's Lauren through and through. And just like that, she will give you a look that is exactly like her daddy, Brad. Our busy schedules aligned perfectly this past weekend and we were able to get a mini summer session in with the mini Tory, while she's still mini. It's crazy how fast 2017 has gone and how much this little one has already grown. I can't think of two better people to raise such a strong, smart, silly and sassy girl. Tory, you are so lucky and oh so loved. We hope you enjoy these shots from our session as much as we enjoyed snapping them.